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Victory Ranch

Welcome to Victory Ranch in Ottumwa, IA


Horse Sense for Leaders

Improving Work - Changing Lives

Horses have the unique ability to teach us about our effectiveness as leaders! At Victory Ranch, we combine the gift of natural beauty with the opportunity to learn new skills that can transform the workplace and create a more promising work/life balance. 

Did you know Horses are: 

  • Constantly on watch to identify glitches in their surroundings that can cause confusion and complications. 
  • Dependent on their heard for food, protection and lifelong security. 
  • Trusting that their leader has their best interest at heart always. 
  • Constantly rely on strong communication for survival. 

By observing and responding to the  horse's natural instinct to survive, we can enhance outcomes and create a better work/life balance.  The objective of Horse Sense for Leaders is to: 

  • Improve Process 
  • Enhance Quality
  • Build capacity
  • Strengthen communication
  • Improve as a leader  

Horse Sense for Leaders addresses the skills needed to lead change within an organization.  Contact Vicki Baum for details at 641-799-8347.  You can always Be Better! 


Making a Difference

Great News! Horse Sense for Leaders will help generate funds to support our Hearts and Horses Program for children and youth. 

So, while your organization learns how to survive in the workplace, our children and youth learn how to survive the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, chronic illness, foster care, military leave and more.